Recognize Fascism, edited by Crystal M. Huff

Book Cover for The Death of All Things

The Death of All Things, edited by Laura Anne Gilman and Kat Richardson


Climbing Lightly Through Forests: A Poetry Anthology Honoring Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by R. B. Lemberg and Lisa M. Bradley

I Cannot Believe I Forgot To Announce This Here

My poem, “Of Winter and Other Seasons”, will be appearing in Climbing Lightly Through Forests, a memorial anthology of poetry in honor of the late Ursula K. Le Guin.

When she passed into the beautiful West, I tried to write about her here, and of course I didn’t get the half of it in, but then RB Lemberg opened a call for submissions for the anthology that became this and well. That happened.

I wrote this poem trying to talk about the whole process of becoming that is intrinsic to me and my relationship with her work, and the threads there, all the people she wrote who are a part of who I am and why. It is beyond articulation, and so of course like all things that are beyond articulation, it had to be a poem. And it turned out to be a pretty successful poem.

I am so utterly thrilled and honored to be included as part of this project, to be able to be part of something honoring someone who gave me so much. I never met her in person, but I have loved her work for some thirty-two years now, ever since I read A Wizard of Earthsea the summer after I turned ten, and then set about devouring so many other things.

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