Recognize Fascism, edited by Crystal M. Huff

Book Cover for The Death of All Things

The Death of All Things, edited by Laura Anne Gilman and Kat Richardson


Climbing Lightly Through Forests: A Poetry Anthology Honoring Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by R. B. Lemberg and Lisa M. Bradley

Awards Eligibility and Also I Have Been Terribly Lax

I just realized that I failed to note here that Recognize Fascism is out as of something like a month and a half ago. I shouted about it everywhere else but not in my Official Author Space, whoops. If anyone knows where I can get an executive function on the cheap I think I need a new one.

World Weaver Press has a number of links to fine book purveyors such that you can obtain your own. It’s a lovely anthology and I’m proud to be included in it.

And since I might as well roll it into this, “The Company Store”, my story in that anthology, is my one publication this year and thus my only thing eligible for possible nominations.

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