Recognize Fascism, edited by Crystal M. Huff

Book Cover for The Death of All Things

The Death of All Things, edited by Laura Anne Gilman and Kat Richardson


Climbing Lightly Through Forests: A Poetry Anthology Honoring Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by R. B. Lemberg and Lisa M. Bradley

Non-Binary Author Roundtable at the Bookwyrm’s Guide to the Galaxy

I was one of the folks who participated in the nonbinary authors “Read the Room” discussion hosted by Arina of The Bookwyrm’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is now up in four gorgeously coded parts:

Read the Room – Non-Binary Writers on The Future of Science-Fiction

We talked about our influences, about favorite books, about our history and presence in the SFF community, about approaches to gender and how it plays out in science fiction in specific, about history, community, and art, and, you know, all those things that people talk about, and Arina went through and put in hyperlinks to everyone’s books and a bunch of our side topics. (I did not imagine when I said “autigender” that there’d be a link to a definition page for that when I said it, for example!)

Anyway, that was a fabulous thing to participate in and I hope people have a good time reading it.

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