I miss rasfc

I’m feeling a bit melancholy about that at the moment, really.  I’ve just made my first sale – a short story, “Delayed Exchange Deferred”, to the anthology Death of All Things.  (Preorders are up here!)

And I can’t help but think of the community that was there, the people who would hang out together and talk writing shop and discuss our stories and support each other, and I wish that that place was still like it was when I was there, so I could pop in and say “I did it!  I made it!”

But I guess what we mostly do is personal websites and twitter, these days, so hey, a personal website, and twitter.  Death of usenet predicted ha ha sob.  But maybe I’ll dip my toe in and see if I can get involved in and commenting on the community some more again this way.

So here goes.

(And now I edit this post thirty times to fix HTML errors and the fact that I got the title of my own story wrong.)